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Map It using a Document Camera Visualiser Digital Presenter

Content Area:


Grade Level:

Middle School / High School


  1. Document camera, visualiser or digital presenter
  2. Projector
  3. Outline map of target geographic area
  4. Whiteboard or large sheet of paper that students can write on


Being able to correctly label a map with key features is an essential skill in geography.  Using a document camera, visualiser or digital presenter to project a large image allows students to collaboratively practice their recall of geographic places large enough for everyone to see.


1. Prepare a paper with an outline map of the target geographic area.


2. Project the image of the outline map using the document camera, visualiser or digital presenter.

3. Call students to the projected image and direct each student to add another feature too accurately to the map, i.e. continent, country, city, state, capitals, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.

4. Discuss as a class, making corrections to student labels as necessary.


5. Review with students by covering key features and names with removable sticky notes. Lift the notes to reveal if students have given the right answers.

6. Create a quiz by covering target feature with removable sticky notes with numbers written on them. Have students write their answers on their own paper and turn in.



Instead of labeling with words, students can draw in geographic features, cultural highlights, and landmarks onto the map. If students have drawn on a large sheet of paper, the image can be saved and posted in the classroom.

Using a Document camera, visualiser or digital presenter virtually eliminates the need to purchase costly classroom maps that may quickly become outdated. Use a document camera to project maps of any kind for students to use.

As an icebreaker activity in a class of English Language Learners, have students pair with a partner, interview each other about their culture, and add their partners name to the correct location on a world map as they introduce their partner to the class.

If you would like to purchase a document camera, digital presenter or visualiser please click here.


Map It using a Document Camera Visualiser Digital Presenter- Image 1
Map It using a Document Camera Visualiser Digital Presenter- Image 2