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Useful Advice When Buying a Document Camera

There is a wide variety of different makes of models of document camera or digital presenter available on the market, and so finding the right document camera for your specific application can be quite a challenge. Document Camera Experts USA

The four key aspects that you should take into consideration when choosing a document camera are as follows:

  • The document camera’s image quality
  • How well the document camera reproduces color
  • The zoom capability of the document camera
  • The document camera’s depth of field

Document camera image quality (CCD and resolution)

Two of the most important factors that will affect the quality of the image produced by your document camera are the camera’s CCD and its resolution. CCD stands for Charged Coupled Device, and a document camera’s CCD can range from 1 CCD to 3 CCD, with the greatest image quality being produced by the latter. The document camera’s resolution is the number of pixels it can display. A good rule of thumb is that as the document camera model increases in price, the higher the quality of image it will be able to produce.

You should think carefully about what type of material you will be displaying with your document camera before you make your purchase, as this will influence the quality of resolution and camera type that your document camera will require.

Document camera color reproduction

A digital presenter’s color reproduction can be a very important factor to consider when you are choosing which document camera to buy. In general the majority of document cameras have good color reproduction qualities which is either as a result of the quality of the camera or the document camera’s lighting system. If you are comparing document cameras for color reproduction properties you should test them out in a similar environment to which it will eventually be used.

Document camera zoom capability

Many purchasers of document cameras will view the zoom capabilities of the document camera as the most important specification, although this will depend on what the document camera is being used for. If you will be using your document camera to view detailed text often then good zoom features are clearly important, whereas if you only use zoom capabilities occasionally then you may want to select a document camera which is stronger in another area, for example in color reproduction.

Document camera depth of field

A document camera’s depth of field is an important specification to take into account if you are planning on using your digital presenter to display three dimensional objects. With a better depth of field your document camera will be able to keep focus on objects of varying heights and different surfaces.

If you are thinking of buying a document camera to add interactivity to your presentations, the Document Camera Experts website should provide you with plenty of information about document cameras to make sure you have a better understanding of digital presenter technology before you buy. Please feel free to contact Document Camera Experts Toll Free on 1-866-436-6239, and we will be happy to answer any questions about document cameras you might have.