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CRA-1 Innovative Wireless Hand-Held Tablet by Elmo

If you're looking to create dynamic and smooth-flowing lesson plans, the Elmo CRA-1 wireless tablet is the perfect solution for you. This innovative tool helps reach out and engage students by allowing you to annotate on live images from an ELMO document camera.

From as far away as 50ft, the Elmo CRA-1 allows you to control the document camera and its functions including the ability to recording text and images created throughout your lesson.

Students will become more engaged with this interactive whiteboard experience delivered by the ELMO CRA-1 tablet.

ELMO CRA-1 Wireless Tablet Features:

  • Compatible with TT-02RX, CO-10, P10, P30S
  • 50 ft. range (approx.)
  • 16 hrs. battery life (approx.)
  • Easy set-up
  • Draw on live image from a document camera!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch an exclusive demonstration of the ELMO CRA-1 tablet being used with an ELMO TT-02RX Teacher Tool document camera. The video was created in conjunction with ELMO and Document Camera Experts.