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Projector Integrated Document Camera Solutions

Desktop Visualiser

Occasionally attaching a document camera to a projector may not be possible due to space restrictions or lack of time, or it may simply be too much equipment for a presenter to deal with if this person requires their equipment to be very portable.

Some manufacturers of document cameras and projectors have therefore created an all in one document camera solution which combines the technology of a document camera with that of a projector to produce an integrated document camera enabled projector.

The TLP-XC2500AU model projector developed by Toshiba is a document camera and a projector in one. This integrated system provides an easy document camera solution that is efficient, effective and also very portable for your presentation requirements.

Toshiba TLP-XC2500AU document camera projector features

The Toshiba integrated document camera projector has a camera attached to the projector's side body which uses a 3x mega pixel CMOS image sensor and an 8x digital zoom with LED illumination of the subject material. This fully featured integrated document camera projector produces images using liquid crystal display (LCD) technology and has a brightness of 2000 ANSI Lumens. The output resolution of the TLP-XC2500AU projector and document camera is 1024 by 768 pixels XGA.